Exoskeletons are presented at the TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS

Lifting heavy loads in the warehouse can damage the hips and spine in the long term if the posture is incorrect. Practical technical assistants that protect the health of employees are exoskeletons. They make carrying and lifting much easier.

At the special show Exoskeleton & Co. as part of TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTCS, Japet, hTRIUS, German Bionic, Hunic, Neolog, Fraunhofer IML and Predimo will present their innovations in this field. On site, visitors can try out for themselves how it feels to work with the exoskeletons, suction systems and other assistive devices. Dachser, the Geis Group and BASF will be using showcases to demonstrate their experience of working with exoskeletons and other tools. In addition, there will be a total of three thematic highlight tours as well as an expert talk with the topic "Exoskeleton & Co - How workplaces are changing".

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